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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Near Me – Advantages and Disadvantages

Many people turn to the internet to search for things like “drug rehabs near me” to get an idea of their addiction treatment options. Some people seek treatment nearby, while others prefer to put some distance between themselves and their environment at a facility farther away from home.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Near Me

Making the decision to seek treatment for substance abuse and addiction is incredibly difficult and a very personal matter. Once that choice turns to action, though, the next question becomes whether it is best get treatment help close to home or far from home.

Some individuals may face mandatory addiction treatment instead of incarceration if they ran afoul of the law, while others may have just come to the realization that their life is spiraling out of control because of substance abuse.

There are even those that have already been through treatment once or twice before, but for whatever reasons relapsed and require additional care. This is where an IOP or PHP treatment program might be beneficial.

Regardless of a person’s reasons or motivations, there are advantages to getting treatment closer to home, as well as benefits in seeking help in an entirely different location.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Near Me or My Home?

It is entirely normal to experience some anxiety about seeking addiction treatment and, unfortunately, far too many people never get the opportunity to experience the satisfaction, happiness, and productivity that comes with a healthy recovery from alcohol and drug abuse.

Despite the fact that addiction is a treatable disease, data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows that less than 20 percent of the more than 19 million people in the U.S. struggling with a substance use disorder get the help they deserve.

The good news is that there are many dedicated and professional health care workers in residential and outpatient facilities around the country who know firsthand how addiction treatment can change people’s lives for the better.

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of either seeking treatment close to home or far away can help reduce some of the anxiety associated with this important decision.

Benefits of Drug Rehabs Near Me

6 Benefits of Drug or Alcohol Rehabs Far From Home

For those living in rural parts of the country, there may be fewer nearby options for addiction treatment, requiring them to look farther away. Even if that’s true for a person, there are still definite advantages to seeking treatment that’s not close to home.

Here Are 6 Reasons For Going to Addiction Treatment Far From Home:

1. Getting Away From a Toxic Environment

Going to treatment far from home allows an individual to leave a potentially toxic environment, whether it’s work, family or other situations, that make getting sober even more difficult at the outset.

Some people have a tough time breaking free from friends that have been a negative influence on them and who expect them drink or party regularly. There are also plenty of other triggers near home, and getting outside of that environment makes it much easier to focus on sobriety and recovery.

2. Anonymity and Confidentiality

There is a greater anonymity in going to treatment farther from home, especially if confidentiality is a concern.

It’s quite common for people to guard their privacy and secrecy about their decision to go to drug or alcohol rehab. They want their choice to remain a private matter and be kept under wraps with friends or family while they recover.

For some, it’s necessary that their employer not find out they have any issues with addiction and this is easier done if they attend a facility that is far from home to protect their job or career.

3. Change of Scenery

In some instances, treatment facilities at far away sites are set in naturally beautiful locations, such as near a beach or nestled in rolling hills that provide an excellent sense of peace and tranquility.

It’s all too easy for people to become acclimated to where they grew up and have lived all of their life. Some perceive this as being struck in a rut, so a change of scenery and environment can be extremely motivating and help with recovery.

4. It’s Difficult to Leave Before Treatment Has Been Completed

Going to treatment for addiction can be challenging, particularly in the beginning. Because the early days can be hard to manage, it’s not uncommon for some people to leave a treatment center before getting through the early stages.

Attending a facility far from home offers an added layer of commitment, likely making it more difficult to walk out on this important decision in a moment of doubt.

5. Fresh Start Away From Home

The simple excitement of going somewhere new, seeing new people and places may inspire a person as they start their recovery journey.

Recovery is often seen as a fresh start in life, so traveling away from home to begin this new stage can sometimes be easier, as well as more fulfilling and rewarding.

6. No Treatment Facilities Near Home

As mentioned earlier, small towns or rural locations might not have access to professional treatment centers, making it necessary to travel to a larger city or altogether different area of the country.

In major metropolitan areas around the U.S., there are certainly more substance abuse treatment options. That doesn’t mean that people living in a big city can’t still seek to put some distance between themselves and their home environment if they prefer or feel that it will offer some benefits.

Still, it’s important to weigh the many advantages that come with getting treatment a bit closer to home.

5 Benefits of Going to Drug or Alcohol Rehabs Near Me Closer to Home

There are many good reasons for going to treatment far from home as mentioned above. But every person is different, with unique challenges and circumstances that might make leaving home a problem.

Here Are 5 Advantages of Going to Drug or Alcohol Rehab Near Home:

1. Family Can Be Part of Recovery

If a person seeking treatment has caring friends and family nearby, it can be smart to stay close to home for this added level of support.

If family therapy or counseling is suggested, it will be much more convenient for family members to partake in therapy sessions when going to rehab near home.

2. Continued Care is Easier Near Home

Staying near home can be good for continued care, such as relapse prevention therapy and other outpatient services.

Residential inpatient treatment is necessary for many people beginning sobriety, but it doesn’t always end after 30 or 60 days.

PHP or IOP outpatient services are sometimes recommended after residential treatment ends. Attending outpatient treatment at the same facility where inpatient took place offers continuity of care and familiarity with the same program. This can be very beneficial for long-term recovery.

3. Making Local Friends in Treatment

For some people, remaining in the community is important and this provides the opportunity to meet others in recovery who live close by and can provide a needed healthy, sober social outlet after treatment.

It’s wise for many people to stay away from toxic friends after they leave treatment. Making new sober friends in treatment who live nearby in the same city can be a positive element for recovery by offering support and sober friendship.

4. Less Travel and Expenses Are Better Near Home

There will be fewer travel related expenses by going treatment close to home, and depending on a person’s circumstances might make the best financial sense.

The added time of traveling to a treatment center far from home also offers time for some people to change their mind along the way and de-commit to attending treatment.

If the addiction center is close to home, they can usually begin right away without having a chance to change their mind before admitting to the facility.

5. Comfort of Being Near Home

Finally, being far from home may not suit a person who is already nervous and anxious about the challenge of treatment and recovery. It’s incredibly important to feel grounded and confident in the surroundings as the journey begins.

Knowing that family and friends are nearby while in treatment provides a sense of comfort and security that can offer motivation for completing treatment.

Addiction Treatment Near Home

Assessing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Drug or Alcohol Rehabs Near Me

Simply making the choice to seek addiction treatment is the first victory, and assessing the advantages and disadvantages of where to go can help ease some of the anxiety associated with the decision.

There are several online resources for treatment facilities, such as the free National Helpline provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

In addition, because so many people search “alcohol rehabs near me,” Google is now offering a locator tool as part of their Recover Together initiative.

Many people only consider going to treatment near home without realizing there can be pros and cons to rehab near home and also far away.

They most important point to remember is treatment is only temporary, but recovery is forever.

So look for the place that offers the best fit and the most successful chance of recovery and living a happy and sober life, regardless of whether the location is near or far from home.