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Woodland Hills, California Rehab and Sober Activities

Woodland Hills California Rehab

Woodland Hills California Rehab Sober Activities for Drug or Alcohol Rehab Article Contents Sober Activities in Woodland Hills, California Recovering from addiction can be a fulfilling experience. As you begin the path of living a life free of substances, enrolling in an alcohol or drug rehab facility can guarantee you a drug-free lifestyle. Choosing drug […]

Hypnosis Therapy Treatment to Change Habits

Hypnosis Therapy Treatment to Change Habits

The word “hypnosis” may conjure a gimmicky image, but hypnotherapy or hypnosis therapy in reality is not at all as it is portrayed in entertainment. In hypno-therapy, you are led into (or lead yourself into) a hypnotic induction phase to get into a trance–a meditative focused state–to absorb words of encouragement or positive images in a […]

Outpatient Programs

outpatient programs

Continuing the recovery journey with outpatient programs The Recovery Journey is a lifelong process, and one that benefits greatly from ongoing support that can be found in Outpatient Programs. Completing a residential treatment program is the essential first step, but that is not where the journey typically ends. For many, healing and wellness can also be […]

Soothe Your Mind at a Co-Occurring Disorder Center

mental health issues

It seems that life gets more and more hectic with each passing day for many of us. You can find yourself under stress and pressure from all corners of your life – at work, at home, with loved ones, and with friends – to the point where you may feel like you are going to […]

Mind/Body Healing Through Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy

If you’ve been following the updates from Iris Healing® Retreat, then you’re probably aware that we take a different kind of approach to conquering addiction. Yes we make sure to incorporate all of the proper recovery methods, but we also have firm beliefs in holistic healing and out-of-the-box techniques that can help people overcome their struggles. […]