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Addiction Treatment


There’s no question that addiction is a plague affecting millions across the world. In the US alone, the NSUDH found that over 20 million adults struggle with a substance abuse disorder.
You are not alone.

But, you’ve may have heard that addiction is a choice, that it’s something you can overcome with willpower and if you’re struggling—you just don’t want to change badly enough.

None of these stigmas could be farther from the truth. Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious and complex disease that can affect nearly aspect of a person’s life – from physical and mental health, to work or personal relationships, and even to one’s finances.

If you or a loved one is searching for addiction treatment near LA, contact our team at Iris Healing® today.

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The cause for drug and alcohol misuse is different for everyone. Whether it’s self-medication, genetic predisposition
or a coping mechanism with early trauma—working through the core cause of addiction is key at Iris. To give you an
idea, here’s some of the most common causes our patients deal with.

Drug Use From An Early Age:

Since our brains are still developing, experiences with drugs before age 25 can put you at a higher risk for addiction and misuse.
In the same way that there are countless causes for drug misuse and addiction, each substance has to be handled differently too. And, we offer different programs for all kinds of substance use disorders, including:
At the end of the day, addiction isn’t limited to drug use – it affects your entire life. Your psychological well-being, health, career, and relationships are all affected.


Like with other mental health issues, people use substances to deal with past trauma to numb the thought and pain of previous experiences.

Underlying Mental Health Issues:

Nearly 8.5 million people struggling with addiction are also battling a mental health disorder. Using drugs or alcohol to cope is quite common and generally leads to a dual diagnosis condition.

Environmental Factors:

This includes parental guidance, stress, peer pressure, and other environmental factors.

Medical Conditions And Chronic Pain:

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), over 7 million adults in America are addicted to a prescription pain reliever. And, with the laxity that these drugs are given out, there are countless addictions to other substances that stem from prescriptions.


As a consequence of addiction, people see everything from:
Every single one of these effects can be minimized when you take your recovery into your own hands and start the journey towards recovery.
And, that’s where we pride ourselves. We’ve taken people from all backgrounds, helped them find purpose and finally gain control of their lives again.
Holistic Healing Retreat Woodland Hills


Addiction is a treatable disease. The first step toward a healthier and happier life—
free of the drugs—is acknowledging the problem, its negative effects on your life, and your desire to do something about it.

At Iris, we understand addiction. Our team of highly-trained professionals help you
turn your motivation to change into actionable steps and build a plan that will guide
you towards recovery.

Contact us today to find lasting addiction treatment near LA. We are ready to help you on this journey.