Iris Healing® Retreat, Woodland Hills, CA

Woodland Hills Residential Treatment

Southern California’s Luxury Dual Diagnosis Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Center in Woodland Hills, CA

Iris Healing® is a drug and alcohol addiction recovery center nestled in beautiful Woodland Hills, California, less than an hour from downtown Los Angeles. We welcome clients from the area and from across the country who would like to be treated in drug and alcohol addiction.

We are an integrative co-ed substance abuse and dual-diagnosis treatment center. A dual diagnosis refers to a substance abuse problem coupled with a mental illness. Without treatment for both conditions, a client with a dual diagnosis is unlikely to remain free from either for long, so we treat both with an integrative approach.

We don’t see mental illness and substance abuse as symptoms to be treated – we see people as individual, human beings seeking healing from symptoms and underlying trauma. We focus on resolving trauma, as well as spiritual growth and development.

Our core values include modeling and teaching empathy, resolving trauma, living a healthy life, and creating meaningful connections. We believe in treating the individual through a multidisciplinary, holistic approach that assists our clients in discovering their true spiritual self.

Through a healthy, structured, and well-balanced environment, our doctorate-level therapists craft individualized treatment plans that address dual-diagnosis clients. Our intention is to guide each client through their journey of sobriety while dissolving the resentment and resolving the trauma they have experienced throughout their life.

Our therapists guide clients toward an unconditional regard for themselves and others through our comprehensive program, which plants the seeds for finding their true direction in life.
If you’re looking for a drug and alcohol addiction recovery center in the Woodland Hills or Los Angeles, CA area, call or schedule an appointment today for more information, and visit our resources page for more on overcoming addiction.

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